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Wednesday 27 August 2008


Ive been spending some time playing with Discogs whilst its not nearly as accurate or democratic as Musicbrainz it is still a very good resource, and contains a large number of releases not in Musicbrainz plus plenty of additional cross-checking information for releases that are in Musicbrainz. It is particulary good for electronic music and independent music from the vinyl era.

In the forthcoming release of Jaikoz I've added an Update tags from Discogs feature that works similar to the Update tags from Musicbrainz for any track that contains a Discogs Release url.
From Discogs we can currently get about ten different pieces of data including higher quality artwork.

And Because Discogs works only at release level you can copy/paste a single release url to all tracks in a release and Jaikoz will extract the track info from the release and will update them accordingly, so you can do this even for tracks without a Musicbrainz match. There will also be a Manual Tag from Discogs option added in a later release.

This got me thinking and in a later release Im also going to introduce an Update Tags from Musicbrainz Release Id so that if Jaikoz cant find the right release itself you just need to find the release id manually and paste it into all the tracks. This will be useful for those difficult to find releases, currently you have to enter the individual track id and for each track in the release which is a pain.

I'm also hoping that those of you who are active Musicbrainz contributors will be able to use the discogs information to improve the Musicbrainz database.
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