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Thursday 14 April 2022

SongKong 8.3 Funeral released 1th April 2022


We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 8.3 Funeral


Apple Music/iTunes

This release concentrates on improvements and fixes to the integration with Apple Music and iTunes. On MacOS this has been completely rewritten so that it work better on both Intel and M1 Macs and there are fixes for Windows with iTunes as well

Improved Matching for Multi-Disc Albums

We have improved the matching algorithm for multi-disc albums

Look and Feel

We have made some improvements to how lists and tables look so they are easier to use, and on MacOS they are more mac like.


SONGKONG-2300 Adding performers from Discogs sometimes giving java.lang.IllegalStateException

SONGKONG-2299 Match to Disc Release is scoring using contiguous trackno rather than discno/trackno so can can give bad match on disc2

SONGKONG-2298 ApplescriptEngine for Mac M1 is still the Intel version

SONGKONG-2297 MacOS:Not detecting MusicApp instead of iTunes on later versions of MacOS

SONGKONG-1917 iTunesApple Music:Create iTunes Model progress bar is sometimes showing as non-deterministic

SONGKONG-1228 iTunes:MacoS for iTunes Wav file integration not copying cover art


SONGKONG-2301 Look and feel improvements

SONGKONG-1124 iTunes: iTunes reliability improvements

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