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Friday 1 July 2016

New version (3.25) of SongKong Music Tagger with new features

I am pleased to announce that SongKong 3.25 is now available

This contains some bug fixes and some improvements

1. The rename mask has been extended to allow you to use audio data such as sample rate and bit rate and also to use the original filename as it was when the file was first loaded into SongKong.

2. To help customers with Classical music or home made albums that may use certain fields in a particular way there are now more option to not overwrite these fields on the Artist Format and Album Format tabs

3. We no longer try to guess whether we have permission to edit a file at load time because this does not always work for some filesystem/network combinations. Instead we try to save first and if this fails because of a permissions problem we then display the permissions for that file in the report

4. When using Delete Duplicates you can decide when you find duplicates what criteria to use for deciding the duplicate file to keep and the duplicates to delete. We have now added a new option File Modified Date

Full details here

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