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Wednesday 9 June 2021

SongKong 7.4 Dawnrazor released June 9th 2021

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 7.4 Dawnrazor. 



This release contains a number of fixes mainly related to file renaming and song only matching


SONGKONG-2237 Rename seems to sometimes use excessive cpu indicating going into some kind of loop

SONGKONG-2235 Setting New Filenames in Grouping:0

SONGKONG-2233 Single song grouping ignore the Only match if all tracks in album were matched

SONGKONG-2232 If re-rename an album with multiple discs it seems to rename the album folder (1), (2) for each disc

SONGKONG-2231 Sometimes seems to be unnecessarily rename files to a worse name when have duplicate songs within the original folder

SONGKONG-2230 Long running Delete Duplicates failed on closed connection when does actual duplicate deleting.

SONGKONG-2228 Single Song Matcher, double check acoustid sources when only matching single track on album

SONGKONG-2225 CoverArt Indexing Error

SONGKONG-2195 Windows:Empty Database not always occurring on update to later version


SONGKONG-2239 Preferences file should be saved in Alphanumeric order

SONGKONG-2198 Add additional rename masks starting with DiscNo, TrackNo so keep track order when viewed Alphabetically

Jaikoz 11 Cranes released May 20th 2021

We are pleased to announce a major Jaikoz release

Previously all preferences were stored in settings,jai, this was an encrypted Xml file and it was a bad idea. As a developer had to modify the Xml schema every time I needed to add a new preference which was cumbersome. For customers because it was a large Xml file and it was encrypted, this was the main reason for slow Jaikoz start up times, and if the file became corrupted it would just have to be deleted losing all modifications you had made to preferences.

That has all gone now, and most preferences are now stored in settings.properties. but we have columns.properties, id3columns.properties, audiocolumns.properties, manualcolumns.properties for storing the columns displayed in the main edit window.

Jaikoz now comes with predefined filename masks, and these can be modified and new ones added just like in SongKong. All renames masks are stored in renamemask.properties, and this is exactly the same as the one provided for SongKong.

There are substantial changes to renaming files from metadata in this release, but if you also have SongKong then you’ll see we have basically introduced the SongKong way of file renaming to Jaikoz.

Roon 1 is a high-end music player that is a popular alternative to a uPnP Server (such as Asset or MinimServer). It comes with tools to automatically identify your music files, and offers a nice browsing experience making use of data from MusicBrainz and AllMusic.

But its automatic identification only goes so far, so many Roon customers have made use of SongKong to improve the results they get with Roon, now are adding support for Roon to Jaikoz as well !


Jaikoz 11 supports a number of new fields

These can be autopopulated from a match:

ENGINEER_SORT (Engineer Sort Name)
PRODUCER_SORT (Producer Sort Name)
MIXER_SORT (Mixer Sort Name)
DJMIXER_SORT (DJ Mixer Sort Name)
SECTION (Multi level Work)
ALBUM_VERSION (MusicBrainz Release Disambugation Comment)
IS_LIVE (MusicBrainz Live secondary type)
ALBUM_YEAR (Release date of album)
ORIGINAL_ALBUM_YEAR (Release date of earliest version of album the song was matched to)
IS_HD (If Audio is 24bit or greater or dsf format)
IS_GREATEST_HITS (If single artist compilation)

These can currently only be manually modified:



JAIKOZ-1299 Track Scorer always assumes that if track has matching acoustid must be a good match.

JAIKOZ-1292 Mp4 file handles not always being closed

JAIKOZ-1282 MacOS BigSur PrefTabs Problem

JAIKOZ-1281 Match to Specified MusicBrainz Album/Advanced Release Search always leave the year column blank

JAIKOZ-1280 linux:fpcalc execute not set


JAIKOZ-1303 Add support for Bits per Sample in AudioHeader

JAIKOZ-1302 Add support for IS_HD field


JAIKOZ-1298 Add support for IS_GREATEST_HITS field

JAIKOZ-1297 Add support for LIVE field when matching from MB

JAIKOZ-1296 Allow Artist,AlbumArtist (and sort field) to be saved as multiple values instead of one value with joins

JAIKOZ-1295 Add OperaFormat to support MinimServer/Roon differences for multi level works

JAIKOZ-1290 Convert all settings from Settings.jai to plain text setting.properties file

JAIKOZ-1289 Add Album based Original Release Date for Original Albums rather than Track Based

JAIKOZ-1288 Roon:Add support for additional Roon fields

JAIKOZ-1287 Roon:Add InvolvedPeople field that maps to TIPL for ID3 but INVOLVEDPEOPLE for Flac

JAIKOZ-1286 For ID3 map Performer field to user defined PERFORMER field


JAIKOZ-1284 For ID3 format add roles such as PRODUCER, ENGINEER, ARRANGER, DJMIXER, MIXER as individual fields

JAIKOZ-548 Put 'JThink' as publisher in windows registry

JAIKOZ-512 Replace Genre blacklist with White lists/Grey lists.

New Feature

JAIKOZ-422 Convert settings files to plaintext file

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