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Friday 29 March 2019

SongKong 6.0 Fumes, now with Profiles - released 29th March 2019

SongKong 6.0 Fumes Released 29th March 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 6.0 Fumes on 29 th March 2019. This new release is named after the album Fumes by american pop-folk duo Lily & Madeline, similar to First Aid Kit but less well known & better. We have cheated a little, favorite album is their eponymous debut  but that album does not match the self-imposed one word album name rule for SongKong releases.


A long requested feature has been the ability to save multiple SongKong configurations, and then be able to switch between them to perform specific tasks. Now we have added them, they are called Profiles

You can modify an existing profile or create a new one with the Clone button based on the current profile. Any modifications made to your configuration will be made to the currently selected profile.

If you want to delete or rename a profile, this can be done from the Preferences page, we have added some predefined profiles.

Rename Masks

When we looked at profile masks it was clear that if you created a new filename mask it would make sense for that mask to be available to all profiles. So we have now moved the created and editing of filename masks into Preferences.

and within the Fix Songs task, there is now just the option to select the rename and compilation rename masks.

Update of Reports

We have now updated all reports so that they no longer use html framesets as these are no longer supported in Html 5. And we have updated the style so that they match the pages of the Remote User Interface.

Create Support Files

We had an issue with potential customers uploading their support files before they had a license, and therefore we had no idea who had sent the support files! So we have now added an email field, this will be auto populated for customers who already have a license.

Full details of all improvements can be found here

Tuesday 5 March 2019

SongKong 5.15 Crocodiles Released 5th March 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 5:15 Crocodiles on 5th March 2019. This new release is named after the debut post punk album by Echo & The Bunnymen from 1980. Great tunes, guitar, vocals and image on one of the best debuts ever.

Compilation now means Compilation 

Originally the definition of a Compilation that was used by SongKong was the same as the one used by MusicBrainz. This means that both Various Artist Compilation albums and a Single Artist Compilation are considered to be compilations and have the Is Compilation field set. But most of us consider these two cases differently, and only really consider the Various Artist album as being a compilation.

So now only Various Artist compilations are marked as compilations, and we have added a new field called Is Greatest Hits  for a single artists Greatest Hits albums, this makes more sense.

Things are slightly different for Classical music  because it is difficult to determine the distinction we have for now continued with Is Compilation for all types of classical compilations.

File renaming for HD albums

We have added some new filename masks that will put HD albums in a separate top level folder called HD. They make use of a new addHD() javascript function, and we have also added similar addCompilation() and addGreatestHits() functions.

Improvements to Song Only Matching

SongKong always tries to match logical groupings of songs to one album, if this is not possible then it does song only matching, in such cases we only update song only fields such as Song Title and not album fields such as Track No. But often it is the case that all but one song was matched to the same album, and there is just some minor problem preventing all songs being matched. 

If subsequent Song Only Match matches the groups of songs to recordings that have links to the same MB Release then we also add some basic release information such as Album Name, Catalogue No and Cover Art using the most popular releases for the songs. So for each song we use the most popular release that the song is linked to.

And we know that Cover Artist a key piece of metadata customers like to have. And it is much easier to remove an incorrect piece of artwork then manually search and add artwork yourself, but we only add album data when songs are missing that data we don't overwrite exsting data.

And we only add album data for albums that are not compilations. The reasoning behind this is that we cannot be sure we have the correct album because we cannot match all songs to the album, but if it is an original album there is a good chance it is the correct one, or a variation of the correct one. But if it a compilation then because popular songs can find their way onto many compilations there is a good chance that this is actually the wrong one.

Improved Matching

We have extended Albunack DiscId matching so that it can now work for multi disc albums as along as each disc in your collection is stored in a separate folder under the parent folder. 

We have increased the fuzziness of Discogs Albunack DiscId matching to find more potential hits. And we have fixed a bug when using Albunack DiscId matching with Mp4 files.

Plenty more fixes, please see here

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