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Monday 15 February 2016

SongKong 3.23 now supports DSF audio fingerprinting and metadata tagging

This new release of SongKong has a a host of new features and improvements

Perhaps most exciting is support for the DSF format

DSF is the DSD format stored as a regular file with metadata support. DSD is a PDM encoding of audio, essentially the audio can be seen as a stream of bits that can be on or off, the more ones in a row the greater the amplitude they represent. This simple encoding can allow a better representation of the original analog sound, hence potentially better representation of the original analog recording.

SongKong supports audio fingerprinting, song identification and adding of metadata to the DSF format. DSF supports the ID3 metadata format, exactly the same as MP3 and AIFF files so this means we can store all the great same metadata including cover art as these other formats

New Options

There are a host of other new features, including the following new options suggested by some of our PS Audio customers

1. Ability to not modify Artist, Album Artist, Sort Artist, Album Artist, Composer and Sort Composer to help with Classical/Jazz collections
2. Option to use JRiver compatible field for Album Artist for Flac/Ogg files.
3. Easy option to set max file path length 

Better Matching

And now we have even better matching

1. Better matching for individual songs.
2. Better identification and matching of Multi Disc releases

3. Use of Acoustids to match individual songs to Discogs when no match in MusicBrainz. 

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