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Wednesday 17 December 2014

Jaikoz 8.0.2 Released

Jaikoz 8.0.2 Released

A few more regressions were found in the Jaikoz 8.0.0 released, hopefully all now fixed.

Probably the most important issue was that Featured Artists were not getting added to the artist field when songs were matched from MusicBrainz.

Also if field was deleted (so had status red) and that song was matched to MusicBrainz none of the fields that were deleted would be repopulated until the song was actually saved.

Full list of fixes can be found here

Friday 12 December 2014

What do you really, really, really want to see in the next version of Jaikoz ?

With Jaikoz 8 released we finally have both SongKong and Jaikoz using the JThink Music Server for their metadata queries. The Jthink Music Server was a huge chunk of work that we hadn't planned for at the start of the 2014 (it was driven by changes over at Discogs) but the speed and accuracy improvements that come with it have been pretty amazing. SongKong is now maturing  with very few bugs remaining in it so we now have time to plan for 2015.

So what do you really, really, really want to see in the  next version of Jaikoz ?

We have our own list of top priorities that you can see here but its difficult to gauge what my customers want, so please post a comment here if there is something you want or need that Jaikoz doesn't provide.

Improvements to Deleting Duplicates with SongKong 3.5

SongKong 3.5 released today, in previous releases the main focus has been on improving the Fix Songs task but in this release we wanted to review other part of the application application, especially Delete Duplicates Songs

Delete Duplicate Songs

First of all we found some bugs in Delete Duplicates that have now been fixed.

The help for Delete Duplicates has been completely rewritten to give more detail and make more sense for non-MusicBrainzers and additional checks and balances have been added to make Delete Duplicates work better in Trial mode.

The we added a new option to Song is a duplicate if has same called Same song (metadata only). This is very similar to Same MusicBrainz song only for finding duplicate songs without being concerned about albums, but without the need to match the songs to MusicBrainz first (although we would always recommend using the MusicBrainz based options whenever possible)


Help has been edited, including simplification of the terminology such as using Album instead of Release and Song instead of Recording. We have added a Pdf version accessible from the Help menu for some bedtime reading, but seriously the Pdf version works well if you want a paper copy of the SongKong manual.

Fix Songs

But despite what I say at the start of this post we have made some improvements to FixSongs as well, these include some major performance improvements based on improvements we made in Jaikoz 8.

Full list of improvements and fixes can be seen here

Thursday 11 December 2014

Jaikoz 8.0.1 Released Today

Jaikoz 8.0.1 Released Today

This is very much a bug fix release, included in the bug fixes are fixes of three important regressions.

  1. Manual Correct from MusicBrainz would not display properly if  an of the potential matches were songs linked to a release without a release date or country.
  2. Matching to MusicBrainz was broken for Linux installations due to a bug in the Linux installer.
  3. Update Metadata from MusicBrainz would not work for songs matched before Jaikoz 7 because they would not contain a MusicBrainz Track Id field only a MusicBrainz Recoriding Id field. Now we have fixed Jaikoz to check for a Recording Id if a Track Id does not exist.

You can see the full list of fixes here

Friday 5 December 2014

Jaikoz 8 Arrives: Complete Music Management Solution

Jaikoz 8

Today we release Jaikoz 8 this is an exciting release because it is the first time Jaikoz uses the JThink Music Server for both Discogs and MusicBrainz matching.

This means
  • Faster Matching
  • More Accurate Matching 
  • More Reliable Service
Faster matching because the  JThink Music Server is optimized for release matching - and is optimized  to show the data Jaikoz requires, not more and not less, this results in a minimum amount of api calls. In contrast the MusicBrainz server has to support all many different scenarios and customers and understandably has to make compromises

More Accurate Matching search has been optimized to best match the algorithm used by Jaikoz, and additional data such as finding the original release of a release is returned with the match.

More Reliable Service MusicBrainz service is available to many applications and because of this usage can vary wildly, and at times can become unresponsive.  Because the Jthink Music Server is only used by Jaikoz and SongKong demands on the server are less, and unlike the MusicBrainz server the Jthink Music Server can automatically scale to multiple machines when demand does peak.

Some New Features

We have also added
  • Match Songs to one MusicBrainz Album by Catalog No
  • Match Songs to one Discogs Album by Barcode
  • Match Songs to one Discogs Album by Catalog No
and you can now
  • View this Song at AcousticBrainz
AcousticBrainz is a new site that does audio analysis on songs in the MusicBrainz database to work out attributes such as the Bpm or Danceability of a song. There will be deeper support for this in the next version of Jaikoz. You can help the AcousticBrainz project yourself by submitting your own songs for analysis.

 Many More Improvements

In this release the matching algorithm of Jaikoz has had a Spring clean, it has taken on most of the improvements implemented by SongKong plus added some new ones to give the fastest and most accurate matching so far.

We taken a look at any issues raised in the last year and fixed as many as we possibly could.

You can see all the 42 fixes and improvements made in this release here

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