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Friday 12 December 2014

What do you really, really, really want to see in the next version of Jaikoz ?

With Jaikoz 8 released we finally have both SongKong and Jaikoz using the JThink Music Server for their metadata queries. The Jthink Music Server was a huge chunk of work that we hadn't planned for at the start of the 2014 (it was driven by changes over at Discogs) but the speed and accuracy improvements that come with it have been pretty amazing. SongKong is now maturing  with very few bugs remaining in it so we now have time to plan for 2015.

So what do you really, really, really want to see in the  next version of Jaikoz ?

We have our own list of top priorities that you can see here but its difficult to gauge what my customers want, so please post a comment here if there is something you want or need that Jaikoz doesn't provide.

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