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Thursday 28 June 2018

SongKong 5.6 - Modify Mp3 Metadata without new file creation

When modifying the metadata for Mp3 files SongKong would use the existing metadata space including any padding space to write the new metadata. But if there was not enough room to write the metadata then a new temporary file would be created and then the files renamed instead of directly modifying the existing file.

The trouble with this approach  was that this meant that the file now had a new creation date, also some customers had restrictive permissions setup so that there was problems creating the temporary files.

We have now improved file modification so no temporary files are required. This problem was specific to Mp3 files it does not occur for other audio formats.

As always list of fixes can be found at http://www.jthink.net/songkong/news.jsp 

Wednesday 20 June 2018

SongKong 5.5 - Fixes

This release was necessary to resolve an issue in the latest version of SongKong. 

If you have configured SongKong to rename or move matched songs then a regression in SongKong 5.4 could cause problems. If you have songs that contain a MusicBrainz Release Id but not a MusicBrainz Track Id then they could be treated as being as matched to a release when in fact the data is incomplete. This may have occurred after matching in Jaikoz and then only partially deleting metadata, this regression was unfortunately caused by an error in SONGKONG-1469

As always list of fixes can be found at http://www.jthink.net/songkong/news.jsp 

Thursday 7 June 2018

SongKong 5.4 - With New and Improved Remote Mode

Today we release a new version of SongKong, and we have mainly concentrated on improvements to the Remote User Interface


Have you noticed how many new websites have a similar style, chances are they are using the Bootstrap Web CSS framework, originally developed by Twitter. This provides a series of components that should work consistently in different browsers. Another advantage of this is that is has been designed to work well on different screen sizes such as phone, tablet and computer, known as responsive design. 

The SongKong Remote Mode now uses the latest version of Bootstrap. This means you get a more polished, responsive UI and it means that we can make changes to the web interface much more quickly.  We have not explored all the features of Bootstrap yet but we have now have a very good framework to build on.



Advanced Options

We know that SongKong's Fix Songs task has plenty of options, but although they are all have their uses most never need to be changed. There are some that are only relevant to a small subset of customers so they have now become Advanced Options in the Fix Songs task. They are not displayed unless you select the Show Advanced button and can be hidden again with the Hide Advanced button



On tablet devices, its not very easy to use tooltips so we now provide the help inline beneath each option.

Other Improvements

There are over twenty fixes and improvements in this release, and you can view the full list here

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