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Wednesday 20 August 2014

New Jaikoz 7.1 Music Tagger release

Jaikoz 7.0 was a major release that completely rewrote the Discogs matching to use jthinks own version of the Discogs server. We got it mostly right, but didn't get it quite right so today we release Jaikoz 7.1 to rectify any regressions.

There are also a few other bug fixes thrown in for good measure, full details here

Meanwhile progress on adding MusicBrainz to the JthinkServer is progressing very well, its going to be really fast compared with the current SongKong and Jaikoz releases.

Monday 4 August 2014

Jaikoz 7 introduces self hosted Discogs server

Quicker than planned I'm pleased to announce Jaikoz 7 has been released, it only has one new feature but its an important one, all of the Discogs matching of Jaikoz is now done via the same self-hosted version of Discogs that is already used by SongKong

Originally we looked at this because of the instability of the Discogs API in recent months, the latest forthcoming change would have required all Jaikoz customers to have had a Discogs account and seperately authorise Jaikoz to access their account. Having seen how badly Discogs implemented this for changes to their image archive I wasn't keen to expose Jaikoz customers to this again.

But there are may other advantages of self-hosting Discogs:

We can customize the search to work exactly how we require it for Jaikoz rather than working within the constraints of the Discogs provided search, this means we can get better search results and dramatically reduce the number of requests required, so you get better matches faster. We can control rate-limits based on usage by our customers only to increase throughput, and we can also move some processing out of the Jaikoz itself on the server simplifying Jaikoz code development and reducing client CPU usage, giving additional speedups.

Our Discogs server is updated monthly from the latest data provided by Discogs.

Additionally I do plan to support a way to add new releases to the Jthink database as they are added to the Discogs database for those of you who add new releases to Discogs and want to tag them from Jaikoz immediately.

In the next few months we intend to self-host MusicBrainz data as well, and because MusicBrainz is the primary database used by Jaikoz this will provide additional improvements in speed and accuracy over and above the Discogs improvements.

Full set of changes in this release can be found here

Saturday 2 August 2014

SongKong 2.1.2 with some final fixes for the new features introduced in SongKong 2

I am now back from holiday and have a new release of SongKong that solves issues with the new Discogs Matching, Genre grey lists and Featured Artists option introduced in SongKong 2.0 - full details here

Now the rush is on to move Jaikoz to use the Jthink Discogs server before Discogs implement their api changes on August 15th, time is a little tight. 
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