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Monday 3 May 2010

The best duplicate song deleter around ?

Most of you try out Jaikoz for getting more metadata for your songs, but one of its less advertised features is duplicate song deletion.

The way Jaikoz find duplicates is very powerful because it uses the sonic matching of AmpliFIND and the expert metadata matching power of Musicbrainz. It is format independent so for example it could recognise that a song encoded as Flac and the same song encoded as Mp3 are the same song.

Once you have matched all your songs you have three choices for identifying duplicates.

1. Matching songs with the same Musicbrainz Id
These songs have been matched to the same release, so are very likely to be a duplicate

2. Matching songs with the same AmpliFIND Id
These songs should be sonically the same, but you may not want to delete them if you want to maintain the same song on two different releases. For example if the same song is in your collection on an original album and a compilation, you may want to keep both.

3. Matching songs with e same Musicbrainz Id AND AmpliFIND Id
These songs have been matched to the same release AND are sonically the same so are almost definitely a duplicate

This choice is made at Preferences/Local Correct/Delete Duplicates, and you can then run Delete Duplicates from the Action menu or as part of the Autocorrecter.

You can also just show potential duplicates and then make the final decision yourself using the filters in the Filter Menu.

The Preferences also let you specify whether to actually delete, move or link to the duplicates
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