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Friday 15 January 2016

Jaikoz 8.4.2 Released

Today we release Jaikoz 8.4.2, this is a small release with a few bug fixes and minor improvements as listed below, what you'll notice is better matching in certain circumstances.

There is also an improvement that allows saving to an OGG format file which has a ID3v1Tag at the end of the file. ID3v1 is used by the MP3 format and should not be added to OGG files, but certain tools are doing so anyway, Jaikoz can now handle such files.

  • [JAIKOZ-1100] - Album derived from folder is persisting even when single song was not eventually matched
  • [JAIKOZ-1105] - Multiple Songs Not being Matched - One song at a time will match
  • [JAIKOZ-1097] - queryByMetadata function fails if no artist could be derived from metadata
  • [JAIKOZ-1099] - Songs in iTunes UnknownArtist/Album folder can be treated as a single release potentially causing timeout
  • [JAIKOZ-1108] - Unable to save changes to .ogg file which has illegal ID3v1 tag at end

Now work begins on adding automatic mood identification as we have already done in SongKongPro

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