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Monday 29 June 2015

Better song matching for songs of random folders with Jaikoz 8.2.4 Music Tagger

Jaikoz 8.2.4 released June 29th 2015

A new release of  Jaikoz with an important fix

Jaikoz relaxes its matching criteria if it detects a folder that  contains songs not limited to one album and artist. Whilst you may have some of your songs organized one folder per album its not uncommon to have  folders containing songs from all kind of sources in no discernible order, fixing these in Jaikoz is why you bought it in the first place, right ?

If Jaikoz identifies such a folder it relaxes its matching criteria so even if Only Match all songs to one album if all songs in grouping were matched is enabled it is ignored allowing these songs to be matched without breaking up folders that have already been organized

But there was a bug preventing it properly matching songs in such a folder even if the option was disabled. Now with this fix it does its matching correctly for these types of folders, even if the option is enabled. So you should now get much better results when trying to match such folders.

Thursday 18 June 2015

Reports, Error handling and iTunes improvements with SongKong 3.16

We have a new release of SongKong, version 3.16 !
This is a small release with some bug fixes and minor improvements

iTunes integration

This release fixes two issues with SongKongs iTunes integration:

SONGKONG-863:OSX:Error when unable to find track in iTunes

Error Handling

Usually SongKong can be run on any number of files without memory issues, but badly behaved images can cause a memory issue. SongKong was not recovering from this error and if the memory issue did reoccur when loading songs SongKong was not reporting the error correctly, this is now resolved. 

We have added a new option for reports. This option can be used to prevent the report being opened automatically, the report is still created and can be opened immediately after processing from the summary panel or from the Reports menu.

SONGKONG-869:Progress Dialog should close automatically once finished processing

Once SongKong has finished a task such as Fix Songs it now automatically closes the progress dialog, previously it had to be manually dismissed.

SONGKONG-375:If user has disabled Discogs searching AND Matching dont show Unmatched Discogs section

The dialogs have been tidied up so that they do not show Discogs counters when the customer is not trying to match songs to Discogs.

Discogs Artists that could be linked to MusicBrainz Artists Report

Within MusicBrainz it is possible to link an artist to the equivalent Discogs artist, in fact there are already some 300,000 artists linked. However there are nearly a million artists within MusicBrainz leaving nearly 700,000 artists unlinked, the majority of these already existing in Discogs.

Linking both artists together allow information between the two databases to be shared, for example the Discogs artist may contain the real name of the artist and that might be missing from the equivalent MusicBrainz artist aliases. Alternatively MusicBrainz may have various translations of an artists names for different languages, and these variations may not be available in Discogs.

Albunack now contains a number of reports that attempt to find potential matches between the two together with a link for each match to make it easy to add a link from MusicBrainz artist to the Discogs artist, all listed here

The first report  MB artist matches Discogs artist and both have a release with same name and the artist names are unique contains over 40,000 potential links. Matches are only listed here if the following criteria are met:
  • Simplified MusicBrainz artist is unique within MusicBrainz list of artists.
  • Smplified Discogs artist name is unique within Discogs link of artists.
  • Neither name is already matched
  • Both the MB artist and the Discogs artist have released an album with the same name
Because of these conditions we are confident there are very few (if any at all) bad links.

The simplified artist names remove case, accents and some punctuation in order to allow matches between artist names that are not identical. Because we only include artists whose simplified name is unique within the databases it is unlikely that the MusicBrainz artist has linked to the wrong Discogs artist. And this is made very unlikely with the last condition that requires both artists to have a release with the same name.

Some of the links may already have already been created because the underlying database is not updated in real time, but it is regularly updated - usually every week.

Links are listed so that artists with the most releases are listed first, the basis being that these are likely to be of most interest.

But with 40,000 artists to link the job to complete this task could take some time, so if you have 10 minutes please consider double-checking and then creating some of these links within MusicBrainz.

Friday 12 June 2015

Linking a Discogs release to a MusicBrainz Release

Linking a Discogs release to a MusicBrainz Release

In the past there have been two significant problems with trying to link Discogs releases to MusicBrainz release.

Finding a release

Firstly, it was difficult to Discogs release that can be linked to MusicBrainz but aren't already. You could browse an artist releases on Discogs but there is no indication on the Discogs site as to which ones are already linked to a MusicBrainz release. You can check whether an individual release on MusicBrainz is linked to the Discogs but you cannot filter a list of releases by whether or not they are already linked. 

And when popular artists can have hundreds of Discogs releases linked to a single master, and even moderately popular artists can often have more than thirty it is difficult to find the correct release to link to if any. Working out the best match is difficult when having to consider and compare differences and matches in metadata such as track lists, catalogue nos, barcodes, country of release and record labels.

Linking the Release

Secondly you have to actually add the link. 

Linking the release is not so difficult but when the Discogs release contains extra information that the MusicBrainz release does not have, wouldn't it be good to get that data in as well, but adding that extra data for more than a few releases at a time is time-consuming.

Linking a Discogs release to a MusicBrainz Release with Albunack

Today I am going to show you how to easily link Discogs releases to MusicBrainz releases with Albunacks artist-centric approach solves both of these problem

Finding a Release

Albunack combines data from both databases to provide comprehensive combined Artist discographies.:
  • Information from MusicBrainz and Discogs is combined on a single page.
  • Release group, Release and Track listings are all available on a single page.
  • Existing links between MusicBrainz and Discogs are shown
  • Potential matches identified by Albunack are shown. 

Linking a Release

When you click on the link button Albunack not only links the two releases but adds additional data such as barcodes and catalogue nos, you simply have to check the data and then click submit.

We have created a video to show exactly how this is done

Introductory video added to Albunack

The JThink Music Server is a dedicated server that contains MusicBrainz and Discogs data, and  is what Jaikoz and SongKong use for their automatic matching. Albunack is the public face of the music server and can be used to browse combined MusicBrainz/Discogs discographies for almost any artist.

If SongKong is not finding a match when you think it should, it is probably easier to check on Albunack instead of MusicBrainz or Discogs. Although note Albunack doesn't currently show collaborations or Various Artist releases (although they are in the JThink Music Server).

Two months ago we released Albunack and now we have now added  a Youtube channel , and this includes an introduction to Albunack

this gives a nice overview on how to navigate around an Albunack discography.

Thursday 4 June 2015

SongKong 3.15 Released

SongKong 3.15 Released

Today we release a new version of SongKong

Firstly this includes modifications required to work with cover art newly added to Discogs in the last two months, this is required due to a change in how Discogs provides their cover art data.

Then we have fixed a problem matching song title and track total when matching multi-disc Discogs releases.

We recommend you update to this latest version of SongKong and then run Fix Songs over your collection with  the For Songs Already Matched to MusicBrainz releases option set to Update Metadata and Filename Only. This will fix any data that may have been incorrectly added in earlier releases and will also updated your previously matched songs the very latest data added to MusicBrainz and Discogs.

New versions of Jaikoz and Jthink Music Server

New version of JThink Music Server 

Yesterday we released a new version of the JThink Music Server - this is what powers Jaikoz, SongKong and Albunack . This latest release fixes an issue with incorrect values for the Sort Artist field. It also add supports for the latest Discogs cover art, required because the way cover art has been provided by Discogs for releases added over the last couple of months has changed.

New version of Jaikoz Music Tagger 8.2.3

Today we release a new version of Jaikoz.

Firstly this includes modifications required to work with cover art added to Discogs in the last two months.

Then we have fixed two problems related to song titles and track total when matching multi-disc Discogs releases.

Then we have fixed a regression whereby the Only Update Year if Earlier option for the Year field was ignored so this field could be overwritten with a later date.

We recommend you update to this latest version of Jaikoz and then run Update Metadata from MusicBrainz and Update Metadata from Discogs to fix any data that may have been incorrectly added in earlier releases and to benefit from the very latest data added to MusicBrainz and Discogs.
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