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Thursday 18 June 2015

Reports, Error handling and iTunes improvements with SongKong 3.16

We have a new release of SongKong, version 3.16 !
This is a small release with some bug fixes and minor improvements

iTunes integration

This release fixes two issues with SongKongs iTunes integration:

SONGKONG-863:OSX:Error when unable to find track in iTunes

Error Handling

Usually SongKong can be run on any number of files without memory issues, but badly behaved images can cause a memory issue. SongKong was not recovering from this error and if the memory issue did reoccur when loading songs SongKong was not reporting the error correctly, this is now resolved. 

We have added a new option for reports. This option can be used to prevent the report being opened automatically, the report is still created and can be opened immediately after processing from the summary panel or from the Reports menu.

SONGKONG-869:Progress Dialog should close automatically once finished processing

Once SongKong has finished a task such as Fix Songs it now automatically closes the progress dialog, previously it had to be manually dismissed.

SONGKONG-375:If user has disabled Discogs searching AND Matching dont show Unmatched Discogs section

The dialogs have been tidied up so that they do not show Discogs counters when the customer is not trying to match songs to Discogs.

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