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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Jaikoz 8.2.2 Available

A new release of  Jaikoz with a couple of bug fixes.

Delete Duplicate key check should be case insensitive

Delete Duplicate key check should be case insensitive to protect against tools that write identifiers with uppercase letters.

Only Allow Match if All Songs In Grouping Match to One Album should be true

Only Allow Match if All Songs In Grouping Match to One Album is defaulting to false on new install it should default to true otherwise existing songs grouped by album could be split if Jaikoz can match the songs but not all to the same album.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Albunack, bringing Discogs and MusicBrainz together.

MusicBrainz is the defacto standard for Music, MusicBrainz Ids are used by many of the major players in online Music services such as Google the BBC and Spotify, and the MusicBrainz schema is a thing of beauty. But it has always been difficult getting the latest releases into MusicBrainz because there are no automated feeds from record companies and it mainly relies on the hard work of the many contributors.

Discogs is another online database, its not as well designed as MusicBrainz and its codebase is not open, but it has more artists and more releases and does make its database available monthly under a public domain license. Discogs has a vibrant marketplace, but to sell a record it has to be in the database, this is a good reason for users to contribute releases, and because buyers need to know exactly what they are purchasing sellers need to enter the details accurately.

For years I have wanted to something to make it easier for editors to get data into MusicBrainz from Discogs in some form or other but never seemed to have the time, but over the last month I have been working on a solution and now I have beta available as: http://albunack.net

The idea is you look up an artist and it shows you a combined MusicBrainz + Discogs discography, showing releasegroups/release and tracks on a single page.

Here is an example for the Pale Saints, a greatly under appreciated UK band from the early 90's

This makes it easier to see gaps in the MusicBrainz which could be filled by data from Discogs, and makes it easier to add that data:
  • It shows any existing links between MusicBrainz and Discogs matches. 
  • It also matches up Musicbrainz releases without a Discogs link to potential Discogs releases and lists these matches together with a Link button to seed a MusicBrainz Edit release. 
  • It provides an Import button to seed a MusicBrainz Add Release from other Discogs releases not linked to Musicbrainz  
I have been testing it myself over the last few weeks and it is so much quicker and so much safer  then previous ways I have used of adding data. Ive also found it is very good at showing when there is incorrect data in either MusicBrainz or Discogs.

You can also use it to check automated tagging done by SongKong or Jaikoz since they use the same underlying database.

Currently it only shows releases where the artist is the only album artist credit (i.e we don't list collaborations, nor Various Artist releases) Of course, the user still has to make decisions about the data and check the data before submitting anything to MusicBrainz, and everything still goes through the edit system. You can use the bug tracker for raising any issues.
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