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Tuesday 10 June 2008


I'm thinking about adding support for writing Plugins. Would this be of interest to anyone and if so would you be happy to write it in Java , or would you prefer a scripting language like Python ?


Anonymous said...

Plugins are gernally speaking a good idea, but the language they'll be coded in will depend on the task they have to complete.

Since I have no experiece in Python, I can't tell what the language is able of, but I guess it is quite decent.

For Java I have to say, simple things often require to much code to complete their task, well its Java after all.
But since Jaikoz is written in Java as well, I think the Plugins should be java as well, couse with a decent API and proper information hiding Plugin coders could easily get for example ID3 Tag info form the main App.

Just my 2 cent

Anonymous said...

Like jamiewolf, I have no experience in Python, so I would prefer Java. How are you planning to implement the plugins? Are you going to be making use of a framework such as JPF (http://jpf.sourceforge.net/)?

Paul Taylor said...

Arthur, thanks for the link it looks like a promising solution.

Anders @ Australienmanualen.se said...

What kind of operations are you thinking of the plugins performing?

On the topic of extending Jaikoz but a bit off-topic from this blog post, I just stumbled on Songbird and its add-on architecture. It would be pretty cool to see Jaikoz as such an addon with Jaikoz-driven tag editing embedded in that open source mp3 player (and possibly get more users hooked on Jaikoz).

Paul Taylor said...

The idea is to allow a plugin access to the values in the selected/all rows. They could then perform changes on the data using any 3rd party services they want and then the data is updated in Jaikoz.

From the users points of view they would see an additional menu option per plugin that would to the task on the rows/columns they select.

For example jaikoz doesnt support freecddb but you could write a plugin that looked up the selected rows on freecddb and update the metadata when you get a good match

Re addins:I would like to make the Jaikoz song lookup functionality available for popular players such as Songbird, iTunes at some point.

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