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Wednesday 8 April 2009

Jaikoz Future Roadmap

Okay here are the priorities for the next few months.

1. Fix memory management so memory consumption isn't tied by number of songs loaded by use of database. This should allow you to load your complete collection if you wish AND subsequent restarts of Jaikoz should be able to use the cached data instead of reading from the file if it hasn't changed which will speed the initial file loading greatly.

2. Simplify Matching for better results. Jaikoz has many options to change how the matching works, but they are difficult to understand and some only make sense for individual files. Im going to drop some of these options and replace with ones that make more sense such as
Match the album that best matches existing metadata OR always prefer original albums even if better match with compilation

3. Improve results by improving Musicbrainz, Im going to work on the Musicbrainz Search server , fixing issues and improving performance.

4. Simplify Interface, new users find it difficult to understand the seperate tag and analyse tasks and the user interface. Im going to either simplify it further or provide a new Simple Mode, with the existing interface becoming Advanced Mode. Thinking along the lines of how Azereus retrofitted a new default interface when it becamwe Vuze.

5. Implement more automated tests for the GUI, I have many for the reading and writing to files but not for the Interface itself. I need to do this to prevent the occasional regression cropping up as it has in the past.


mcammer said...

I think these are the right priorities.

1. Great. People want to be able to load all their songs, and it's certainly easier to identify duplicates when they're all loaded at once. Adjusting memory allocation is not something I knew how to do before reading instructions in the forum. Anything that removes that necessity is a big plus on usability.

2. A good idea depending on how you set/lump options together. I've gotten used to the matching quirks and long ago realized that manual match would always be more accurate. People who autocorrect & save the first time out have unrealistic expectations.

3. Who could be against that?

4. Probably also good, if people could ever agree on when simple = better. I was thinking of starting some new threads in the forum: my settings, how I use Jaikoz, or something like that. I'm interested to hear comments from experienced users and the overall discussion might help you with tasks 2&4.

5. Sure, can't be against that. I must say, though, your attention to the forums and speed in implementing fixes is remarkable. Couple that with free upgrades and people have little right to complain.

Unknown said...

Just had a 1 minute trial and bought it!
Thank you! And keep improving such a great software!

Unknown said...

Some portable players have problems/issues showing cover art if image size is > 200x200, would it be possible to have an "action" to resample/resize artwork to a fixed size? That would be great.


Troy said...

Love Jaikoz... just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to these changes!

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