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Wednesday 23 September 2009

Better Searching in Jaikoz

I've been working hard with Musicbrainz over the last couple of months rewriting the Search Server to give better results, and I'm pleased to say its been a success and has now been released !

This will improve the results you get with any version of Jaikoz.


Unknown said...

I don't see any mention of this on MB. I assume the new server routines are in place. Users will have to look for the problems they aren't having to notice.....

Thanks for keeping at it.

Kat said...

Hi Paul, Looked and looked for answer. Every time I ask Jaikoz to auto correct, I have to leave it for a few hours. When I come back, the error window is longer than the screen, won't scroll, won't let me use any other functions and so I have to force quite leaving my changes unsaved. Can't get past this. Truly annoying. Got any ideas?

Paul Taylor said...

Kat, the error window being too large was fixed in 3.3.2, if you are using this version and still getting tihs problem send me a screenshot. If you want me to take a look at the errors you are getting send your suppport files to support@jthink.net using Advanced/Create Support Files

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