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Tuesday 15 December 2009

Musicbrainz Developments

I went to the yearly Musicbrainz summit in Nurenberg a couple of weeks ago, a good time was had by all , and the old town is certainly a lovely place

We discussed future developments, and their plenty of good news for Jaikoz users.

Musicbrainz were very happy with the work I'd done rewriting the existing search system and I am the main developer of the search for the new NGS release being developed so I'm able to understand how search works in Musicbrainz and improve it to suit Jaikoz better. This should ensure you get better results from Jaikoz then any other other tagger.

NGS has lots of new features including recognising the same recording on different albums, and handling multiple disc release better - this will help with getting better matching.

Work is going to be done on creating a genre system from the existing folksonomy cloud so this will help with a field that is currently quite poorly served by Musicbrainz. Knowing the attention to detail of Musicbrainz editors I'm hopeful that in time Musicbrainz many create the definitive genre list.

Historically Musicbrainz have been very cautious about having APIs to allow data to be added in to Musicbrainz. Sensibly they do not want it to end up a mess like freecddb but they have warmed to the idea now and I think this is a neccessary move to keep on top of the exposion in music being recorded. So in the New Year Im going to have a think about taking advantage of this loosening up of data entry.

And Musicbrainz have just hired their first fulltime developer Kuno Woudt , a well established Musicbrainz editor and developer so this should speed up Musicbrainz development.

1 comment:

Keith said...

I am forever grateful for all the hard work you put into Jaikoz.

As far as I'm concerned, you are a software superhero!

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