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Thursday 2 September 2010

Matching to a different song version

Progress on the new version of Jaikoz with release orientated matching is progress well but I came across an interesting problem today.

As well as release matching, Jaikoz has the 'Prefer Do not match to Single Artist Compilations', for those of you who want songs linked to the original release, even if you don't have the original release. I was testing this with songs from Madonnas Immaculate Collection and I was always failing to match songs such as Holiday to the original album Madonna. Turns out it was because the track length differs by a whopping two minutes, 6.11 seconds for the original versus 4.06 and Jaikoz rejects song lengths that vary by more than 15 seconds (10 seconds in current release)

So the songs are clearly different version, and as a general rule we wouldn't want to match them, but I wonder if some of you actually would want to match to this earlier version regardless that you have the later version ?


Anonymous said...

If the difference is more than 15 seconds, then it's nerver the same song. No matching!

Paul Taylor said...

Yes, its not the same song, but it might be a different version of the same song.

adthis! said...

In the example you gave, I would like to have matched "Holiday" to the original album "Madonna" because I am always interested in knowing when a song was originally released and what album it first appeared on. That is more valuable information to me than being told to find the song on a "Best of" album. "Best of" albums are useless trivia.

However, I realize that it may be an alternate or extended version. So perhaps there can be two fields. First being the album where the song was recorded from, and second being the album where the song first appeared.

Paul Taylor said...

Jaikoz 3.9.0 Beta solves this problem, you don't need to use the 'Prefer Match to Single Album' option. Instead Holiday will still save 'Immaculate Collection' to the 'album' field but would save 'Madonna' to the 'original album' field. Hence using two fields as you suggest

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