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Monday 31 January 2011

Songbird buggy and they dont seem to care

In Jaikoz 3.8.3 a user was complaining that Jaikoz couldn't open their mp4s. Turns out the problem was that they had been edited in Songbird, and Songbird save track no differently to every other mp4 player I ve tried.

I added a workaround to Jaikoz and raised a bug with the Songbird team.

A little time passed, they linked it to another issue which wasn't the same problem and then they just closed it. I complained and reopened it because nothing had been fixed, and now they have downgraded it to a suggestion for a future release. Because Apple have not written a nice neat specification, it is acceptable for the Songbird developers to ddclare no bug. I really hate it when developers bend over backwards to try and show there not at fault rather then trying to resolve the issue.

Songbird 22966


Mark Faine said...

Sadly, it seems this is all too common. In fact,it may be the default attitude to expect from most FOSS software developers and even some proprietary (for profit) developers. You probably brought attention to something that would require a lot of work but doesn't carry that much status. Developers seem to want to work on want they wan to work on, usually that which will get them the most attention. This isn't usually what is needed most but instead is some fancy bloated, flashy, "feature". Someone has to do the gruntwork but no one wants to do it.

Anonymous said...

Songbird died for me. Player with no future, slow development. I converted to musicbee... pretty fast and good music player/organizer/library and develepers fixing your bug requests asap.

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