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Friday 6 May 2011

AcoustId Fingerprinter

A new fingerprint database tool is being developed by long time MusicBrainz contributor
Lukáš Lalinský a little like AmpliFIND that Jaikoz may use in the future but currently its database of fingerprints needs to grow and for that they need your help. Please try out submitting fingerprints of your collection. its very simple to use. and can be downloaded from http://acoustid.org/fingerprinter

Thanks to Karen Cox for the photo


Anonymous said...

Paul I've got literally thousands of audio files, 99% mp3, of new and upcoming artists that I'd love to share the fingerprints with but really I don't know much about how to do that. Is there a simple, "gee I'm an olde farte and ain't that technical" instruction document somewhere that would explain how to use this? I'm constantly hitting files in my collection that are not in whatever databases Jaikoz is using, so I'm always having to manually edit my files as I really like them showing up on my player with appropriate id3 tags.

Again, best to you, my friend, and have a happy, and safe, Holiday season!!!

Again, Jaikoz is ONE OF THE BEST utilities I've ever come across!

Anonymous said...

...wait, wait... I think I understand it now. So, if I load my files into Jaikoz, those that are not yet recognized by the Acoustid db, then I should go ahead and tag them, then submit their fingerprints to Acousticid?? I just read through the info on that download link and am going to give it a shot tonight, see how it comes out.

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