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Friday 9 August 2013

Better track matching when submitting new releases to Musicbrainz

For some time Jaikoz has allowed you to submit new releases to Musicbrainz, the selected songs in Jaikoz are used to open the MusicBrainz Release Editor with all the details filled in, so that you just need to check the details and then submit the form.

But in MusicBrainz recordings can be linked to multiple releases so Jaikoz tries to identify when a recording already exists instead of creating a new recording. Doing this makes Musicbrainz more useful so that in an ideal world every recording listed in MusicBrainz is actually a unique recording, and we can see all the releases that the recording is based on.

Jaikoz did this by comparing track titles and durations but sometimes recordings were incorrectly linked when in fact they were different versions of same song.

A more accurate solution

Now with Jaikoz 5.5.0 we have replaced this by matching using Acoustids, only Musicbrainz recordings with the same acoustId as your track are potential candidates, and only then do we do further checks on title and duration to ensure a good match.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Of course, you'll have to collect the Acoustid Id first before submitting the new release to MusicBrainz. Jaikoz 5.5.0 doesn't do this automatically and that is good so.

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