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Monday 3 November 2014

New Version of SongKong with Better Matching

Today on 3rd November 2014 we release SongKong 3.3, this release is full of improvements to the matching process:

SongKong now does a much better job of matching songs to multi-disc releases such as box sets, previously if checking against very large releases such as this 50 Cd Elvis Presley Box Set SongKong could take a long time, now the matching is quick and accurate.

Match Song to Recording only is now more effective at identifying the correct song when an acoustid matches to multiple recordings because it takes existing metadata into account.

Discogs matching is more effective because SongKong can now find matching albums based on the existing song titles in your files, before potential albums were only found based on existing artist and album name metadata.

We have also improved the identifying of duplicates when matching songs by taking into account acoustids and song title metadata at the same time. By identifying duplicates files we can better match the non-duplicates files to the correct album.
Full details of all issues fixed in this release can be found here .

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