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Wednesday 4 November 2015

Jaikoz 8.4.0 now with full Aiff and Wav support

 Jaikoz 8.4.0 now supports reading and writing metadata to Aiff and Wav formats !

Aiff and Wav Support 

Aiff and Wav formats each provide an uncompressed lossless format for your audio and were created in 1988 and 1991. However until more recently there was no agreed way to store anything but the bare minimum of metadata, this is why we originally didn't add support within Jaikoz. The other reason was these formats were expected to die out and be replaced with newer formats but although they are less prevalent then before this has not happened.

However we revisited these formats and discovered that defacto support for Aiff tagging and Wav tagging now existed using an ID3v2 chunk, just like MP3 files. Because they use ID3v2 they can now store all the metadata that Jaikoz finds such as artwork, composers, bpm and  MusicBrainz and Discogs identifiers - not just the basic metadata such as artist and album.

This also means you can edit your Aiff and Wav metadata not just with the Edit tab but also using the ID3 Edit tab. The ID3 Edit tab shows hows exactly how the fields are stored and also gives access to any additonal ID3 fields that are not mapped to a generic field in the Edit tab.

You can also decide on the ID3v2 format to use, by default they will use the value of Preferences:Save:ID3Tag V2:Write V2 Tag Version

But you can override this for any individual file by selecting a different value from the
Version column.

Single Song Matching

We also make some improvements to single song matching. Single song matching occurs when a song has been not been grouped with any others songs or no match was found for the group of songs and user preferences allow Jaikoz to try and match each song individually. Because only one song is being matched any album containing the song is a potential good match but we have made some changes to find a match for an original album rather than a compilation whenever possible.

Full list of fixes is as follows:


  • [JAIKOZ-1070] - Should not bother trying to do release metadata match unless have artist and release
  • [JAIKOZ-1079] - Saving Acoustids gets confused if filename has been modified but not saved
  • [JAIKOZ-1085] - Too many files exception when matching


  • [JAIKOZ-290 ] - Add support for AIFF format (which might use ID3v2 format for metadata)
  • [JAIKOZ-1071] - When have no metadata single song matching do more to find track AND artist
  • [JAIKOZ-1074] - SingleSong match should first match by artist+title+release if have data
  • [JAIKOZ-1075] - SingleSong matcher should filter out Compilation acoustid matches
  • [JAIKOZ-1083] - Add support for Wav with RIFF
  • [JAIKOZ-1088] - Make artist and track search fuzzy match tracks

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