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Monday 3 October 2016

SongKong 4.1 released 3rd of October 2016

We are pleased to announce that a major new version of SongKong is available today

The main focus of this release is once again support for Classical Music tagging but there are other things as well

  • We now allow you specify almost any fields that you do not want Songkong to modify, and also any fields that you only want SongKong to modify if they are currently empty. Both of these options are on the Format tab
  • We have similar options for just Classical music so that you can configure SongKong to usually modify a field but not if it has been identified as a Classical song.
  • Added option for Classical to remove the composer from the AlbumArtist field, since the composer is not usually a performer.
  • Added option Shorten Work:Movement track titles to just Movement where possible - so your classical tracks just have the movement in the title.
  • Now Classical groups are categorised as Orchestra, Choir or Ensemble, previously the Orchestra field was used for all types.
  • Added isclassical as a field that can be used in rename masks
  • Added Ranking and Classical Catalog No fields, we already had Opus but these fields allow us to add other ways of cataloging classical releases
  • Fixes to allow encoding of filename on filesystems that do not support 16bit characters in filenames.
You can download the latest version from here

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