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Monday 8 May 2017

Beware of 'God mode' on the latest Windows 10 release

Recently a long term user of Jaikoz found that it would not start, the only change he had made was to update Windows 10 to the latest version, build 1703.

Usually Windows updates do not effect Jaikoz or SongKong, since they run inside the Java Virtual machine (JVM) that protects applications from differences in operating systems. Evey new release of the JVM is extensively tested by Oracle before a new release against the wide range of operating systems it is supported on, making it very unlikely that serious regressions would occur.

But in this case it was Windows that was updated, and it was a change in Windows that inadvertently caused a problem for Java

The issue occurs if you have created a  God mode folder to control all your Windows configuration from a single place, from build1073 onwards this prevent file dialogs working.

So if you have an issue with Jaikoz or SongKong opening files please disable God mode until either Oracle or Microsoft release a fix.

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