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Monday 19 June 2017

SongKong 4.9 Release with improved support for libraries with multiple transcoded versions of same album

SongKong 4.9 released 19th June 2017.

Reports have got a little Funkier

We have split the Summary into a Summary section and an Options section.

The Summary section now summarizes results using a bar chart, this is much simpler to understand then the previous text only method.

Matched to Release, Matched to Discogs and Matched to AMG have been improved, artwork is shown, songs are grouped by discno, and multiple groups matched to the same album are now grouped in their own group. 

Transcoded versions of the same file

Its is becoming more common for customers to have multiple versions of the same album, typically a lossless hi-end version and a lossy version for the car or iPod.  

We have made a number of improvements to SongKong to help with this.

File rename keeps album together

Before if you had two copies of the same album and you had SongKong configured to rename files based on metadata you could end up with a single folder containing both sets of files. Now SongKong intelligently recognizes the same album has been matched more than once and creates separate folder for each set of matching files. This happens automatically without any user configuration changes required.

Add audio format to release title

We can also easily add the audio format to the release metadata itself, this helps you to identify different versions of the same release when viewing within your player or UPnP control point.

Find Duplicates within same audio format only

We have also improved Delete Duplicates so that searches can be restricted to be within a particular format. This makes it easy to keep multiple versions of the same file but with different formats whilst still finding actual duplicates.

The full list of improvements and fixes can be found here

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