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Tuesday 11 July 2017

MinimServer with SongKong Part 12: Showing Composer in Group name using DisplayFormat option

Part 11:MinimServer Configuration

SongKong has an option to always add the composer name to the album, even if it not listed as part of the album name on the online databases that SongKong uses.

So as long as you have the Add Composers to Start of Album Title enabled 

You should get the composer(s) listed in the album title
such as here.

But composer name is not added to the MinimServer group so if you just elect to play a group the Composer is not displayed

MinimServers tagFormat option (on the second tab of MinimServers configuration) lets you change what is displayed when playing music using the displayFormat option. Essentially its let you configure certain fields so that display different data, and since we already have the composer stored in the composer field we can modify group to display the composer and then the group as follows:


 Now we can see the composer name is displayed as part of the group field.

But it would be nice if we could display it using the same ': ' separator as we use on the album name. We can do that using this value instead.

Group.displayFormat={$composer^^: $group}

This replaces the default ', ' separator with ': ' . (The ^^ indicate a prefix and suffix, we do not set them to anything so they are just left as an empty value).

The displayFormat  can be used for the following fields:

  • Album
  • Artist
  • Comment
  • Genre
  • Group
  • Label
  • Title

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