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Thursday 26 April 2018

SongKong 5.3 :With Improved Delete Duplicates

SongKong 5.3 released today with improved Delete Duplicates and some bug fixes.

Album based  Delete Duplicates Report

Finding duplicates is still done at song level but now the Delete Duplicates report is usually organized by Album Artist and Album making it much easier to understand.

At the top level is the Album Artist  and then this can be expanded to show each Album that SongKong has found duplicates for, these in turn can be expanded to see the duplicate files.

Duplicates will be organized Album/Artist if Song is a Duplicate If is album based. However if  it is just song based such as Same MusicBrainz Song Only then it will be displayed by Track Artist

Below we see the result of Delete Duplicates on the same folders when using Same MusicBrainz Song Only.

Notice that having found 9 duplicates for album Prince, it has found 8 duplicates for track artist Prince, and one duplicate for track artist Prince with Sheena Easton.


Bit Depth added  as Preferred Deletion Criteria

The Preferred Deletion Criteria is used to decide the file to delete when duplicates have been found. We already supported choosing the preferred audio format, so for example you could prefer aif instead of wav. But what happens if in some cases the wav file was a 24 bit hi res file and the aif file was a regular 16 bit file, and in other cases the aif file was the 24 bit version ? 

Now you can specify the Bit Depth as a criteria to ensure Hi-Res files are always kept.


Add Audio Fields to Edit Songs  

We have now added audio read only fields to the Filename tab to help customers with song identification. The fields added are Audio Bits per Sample (Bit Depth), Audio Sample Rate and Audio Bit Rate



Bug Fixes

 The full set of improvements and fixes can be found at here

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