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Sunday 21 July 2019

SongKong 6.3 Psychocandy - released July 21st, 2019

We are pleased to announce the new release of SongKong, SongKong 6.3 Psychocandy named after the debut album by The Jesus and Mary Chain released in 1985. This feedback drenched album was like nothing we had heard ever heard before (except maybe elements of the Velvet Underground), but subsequent albums never lived up to this one.

Reports now has Browse by Artist/Album 

In this new release we have introduced a new section called Browse by Artist/Album. This group the songs by the album artist and album metadata and lets you browse the songs in this grouping. This shows all songs processed by Fix Songs, not only the songs that SongKong actually modified.

We show artist and album artwork if SongKong has it, and also add badges indicating how many songs exist for this metadata and how many change.

This new section of the report mirrors the kind of view you would expect to see in many music players and control points and should make it easier to manage your music.

Reports Song Changes section revamped as Browse By Folder 

The Song Changes section has now been renamed, and instead of showing a single tree it now uses tiles to let you browse by folder in a similar way to Browse by Artist/Album.

It now shows all songs processed, not only the modified songs. If a folder has a folder.jpg in the folder then this is displayed as the folder image.

Providing Browse by Artist/Album and Browse By Folder sections make it much easier to identify any discrepancies between file structure and metadata.

Also tiles rather than tree works better for mobile and small screen devices.

Matched to MusicBrainz/Discogs/Song Only/Naim Report Sections all revamped

All these sections have also been revamped to use tiles rather than the tree hierarchy.

Performance Improvements

Additional improvements have been made to performance and there have also been some performance related bug fixes.

Full details can be found on the News Page

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