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Wednesday 23 October 2019

SongKong 6.6 Red - released October 23rd 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of SongKong 6.6, this release is named after the album by Taylor Swift. Red was the album that kickstarted her transformation from country singer to pop princess, crammed full of classic pop tunes.

Improved Reports 

Most of the improvements in this release are related to reports. 

Artwork Size

We now show the size of artwork (width in pixels) as another label on the image

Show Labels 

But you can remove this and all other labels by unchecking the Show Labels checkbox so you can see your artwork unobscured.

Text Search 

You can do a text search to only show the items that match the search.


And you can combine this with filters.

For the Artist page we can filter on artists that have/not an artist images, artists that have/not cover art for all their albums and artist that have/not all their albums matched to either a MusicBrainz or Discogs album.

New Browse Sections

We have added Browse by Artist and Browse by Folder to a Browse drop down menu because we have now added some new ways to browse your collection.

Browse by Album

Displays all the albums on a single page so that it is easy to find the album you are interested in regardless of knowing the album artist. It also means that very quickly you can see albums over your whole collection that need some attention.
Filters and search are included.

 Browse by Composer/Work

For classical music it is often more useful to be able to browse by the composer and their works, rather than by album artist and album so we have now added this. At the top level it shows all the composers that you have works for and you can select a composer to see their works
Filters and search are included. 

Bug Fixing

We have also fixed another seven bugs. Full list of fixes can be found on the news page


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