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Friday 6 January 2023

Jaikoz 11.6 Bauhaus released January 5th 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of Jaikoz 11.6 Bauhaus.

Audio Tab

This release now merges the Audio tab into the main Edit tab, so you can now treat any audio columns such as Bit Rate or Playing Time like any other field, except that they cannot be modified.



Some new Acoustids were not getting submitted due to a problem with the additional metadata that can be sent, this has now been resolved


Release notes

We have also fixed a number of other issues and have made some minor improvements


JAIKOZ-1364 Column Control should organize unselected columns alphabetically and perhaps grouped by type (e.g sort field)

JAIKOZ-1365 When add performers from Discogs they should be added alphabetically

JAIKOZ-1430 Should change Standard license details to say Standard not Full to match terminology used on website

JAIKOZ-1433 Merge View Audio tab into Edit tab


JAIKOZ-1326 Submit MusicBrainz/AcoustID Pair to the server does not work

JAIKOZ-1422 When create new rename mask not added to rename mask dropdown until close and reopen Preferences

JAIKOZ-1426 If you have View and Edit windows open and change tab it should automatically change tab on other view as well

JAIKOZ-1429 Problem on end of load files if sorting on View Audio tab

JAIKOZ-1431 When get unexpected error in jaikoz should say report to forum not report to support@jthink.net

JAIKOZ-1432 Unable to retrieve image data from image cache causing UnexpectedError reported to user

JAIKOZ-1434 In Light mode one of the striped background colours is not quite right for columns showing checkbox

JAIKOZ-1435 Split between View and Edit panel not splitting reliably


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