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Friday 16 May 2008

2.4.1 out now

New release today, originally I needed to do a release to fix a couple of issue with Jaikoz on Leopard, But I ended up doing a bit more

For brand new new installations (doesnt apply to upgrades) users will not see as many columns loaded by default, and on OSX they fields won't be colour coded. This is an attempt to make it a bit easier for users to not be confused by Jaikoz on first viewing. The Autocorrecters default configuaration now does remote corrects (such as Correct tags from Musicbrainz) as well as the local corrects.

Windows users will now see that their foreign language metadata can be viewed correctly in Windows Explorer.

Some options such as the View Artwork Fullsize and View Online were previously only available in the contextual (popup) menus, these have now been added to the top level menu as well.

The keyboard shortcuts have been standardised, and shortcuts moved to the most popular tasks.

You can now drag and drop a field onto another field.

More details at

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