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Friday 2 May 2008

Apple release Java 1.6 on Leopard Intel

Apple has just released JavaUpdate1 - Java 1.6 for OSX Leopard (Intel). I tried it out with Jaikoz and it seems to work ok but I havent tested it extensively. If you install it using SoftwareUpdate Jaikoz will not use it by default but you can try Jaikoz with this if you wish as follows
  • In Finder right click Jaikoz and select Show Package Contents
  • Select Contents
  • Right click Info.plist and select Open With Text Editor
  • Find the line 1.5+ and change it to 1.6
  • Save Changes
  • Start Jaikoz in the console windows you should be able to confirm if it is using 1.6
Using 1.6 does not add any new features new Jaikoz, but it should increase its responsiveness.

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