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Tuesday 16 December 2008

Get George Lamb off 6 Music

Nothing to do with Jaikoz, but I need to vent my spleen about him. Most days I work on Jaikoz from home alone, and the radio provides my company. I like Indie Music and BBC 6 Music was setup to provide a alternative Popular Music Radio Station with the emphasis on the Music. My favourite show was Gideon Coe between 10 a.m and 1.p.m and then suddently he was moved to a late night slot and George Lamb took his place. Geoge lamb may be okay on Radio 1 but doesn't not suit 6 Music.

Now you might be reading this and thinking good I hate Indie Music, but thats not the point. If you listened to a Dance Music station and the new DJ insisted on just talking about football and heavy metal I'm sure you wouldnt be happy.

George Lamb acts like a complete idiot and seems to be surrounded by a posse of morons. Their jokes are idiotic and extremely repetitive, they play hardly any music at all and most of the music they do play does not fit within remit of the station. They are constantly rude to musicians who have come into play live on the show. They have added in non music related features such as (non music) book and tv reviews. They are frequently on very dodgy grounds on the way they talk to their radio listeners, and they are dull.

He is a poor mans Chris Moyles or Russell Brand . After the Russell Brand /Andrew_Sachs debacle and the resignation of the 6 Music boss I really though Lamb would follow soon after but he is still there. So if you have listened to this show and feel like I do please consider joining Get George Lamb Off Music! and adding your name to the Get Lamb Out Petition

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