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Monday 16 February 2009

Opening Playlist Contents

In Jaikoz 2.8.2 I added support for opening Winamp Playlists, the most widely accepted playlist format. But I knew that what many of you really wanted is to drag and drop iTunes playlists, well you can - nearly.

The difficulties with iTune playlists are twofold. Firstly there is no playlist file so you have to communicate with iTunes instead of just reading the file. Secondly talking to iTunes is very different on Windows than on OSX , so the work effort doubles.

I now have dragging playlists from iTunes working beautifully on Windows and this will be available in Jaikoz 2.8.4 out today or tomorrow.

But OSX does not allow the playlist to be dragged to anywhere except iTunes itself (please anyone correct me if Im wrong) so it is impossible to even initiate a playlist drop. Instead I'll be creating some scripts for the iTunes Script Menu to allow you to send playlists to iTunes.


Unknown said...

Can Jaikoz read the .txt or .xml version of the playlist? That would seem very straightforward to do.

Paul Taylor said...

Hi, thats a good point (I never noticed this option in iTunes) . It would certainly make sense for Jaikoz to support it although it doesn't at the moment.

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