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Thursday 30 January 2014

Moving Matched and Unmatched songs in SongKong in 1.17

As every song goes through the SongKongs pipeline the last stage is always the Save Song stage. At this point SongKong looks to see if the song has been matched to Musicbrainz or Discogs and if it has and the Rename files based on Metadata match is enabled then the Filename including the Sub Folder portion is then renamed according to the metadata and the mask, but if not matched it is not renamed.

Additionally you can move matched files to a new folder so instead of being rooted at the existing Base folder they are moved to the Move Folder if set on the File Moving tab.  Unlike previous versions of SongKong files can be moved, even if the Rename files based on Metadata match option is not enabled.

To reiterate the Move Folder changes the Base Folder, whereas Rename Files changes the SubFolder and Filename.
Using a Move Folder can be a very useful way of working when sorting out a large collection of music, a common way of managing your songs is to move songs from an unsorted folder to a fixed folder as they are identified.

New in SongKong 1.17 is the Move Unmatched Folder option allowing you to move files that are not matched. This is useful because it allows you to differentiate between a song that SongKong has tried to match and failed to match, and a song that SongKong has not yet attempted to match. It is especially useful when processing a huge collection that you might decide to fix in stages.

Although of course SongKong imposes no limits on how many songs you can match !

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