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Sunday 23 February 2014

Fixing files direct from iTunes

Originally SongKong was very much folder focused, you select a folder and SongKong would fix all the files and sub-folders of that folder. Customers generally went to two extremes, either picking their top level music folder and fixing everything or just picking an album folder and fixing one album at a time.

Now both of these methods are great but we have added a bit more flexibility

Firstly, you can now select multiple folders, if you have five folders under an artist folder now you can just fix two, three or four of the folders in one go instead of matching one at a time or the whole lot. And if the folders are located in different locations SongKong works out the basefolder/sub folder split for each combination as this screenshot shows

Secondly, instead of just fixing complete folders you can now fix files within folders. There are at least three  important uses of this

Fixing songs direct from iTunes

iTunes does not show folders only files, this was a problem but now files can be dragged directly from iTunes into SongKong.

Fixing results of a search

Now you can do a search in Finder or Windows Explorer and drag the list of matching files direct into SongKong.

Fixing Songs direct from Windows Explorer

Now all supported music formats can be fixed by just right clicking in Windows and selecting Fix Song in SongKong from the context menu

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