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Sunday 23 February 2014

Shazam for your computer

Many people use Shazam to identify songs they here in their local cafe or walking down the street, and its a great app for discovering new music, but I have also seen many people asking for Shazam for their desktop computer, now why would you want that you can hardly carry it around with you ?

Identifying Music You Already Have

Users understand that Shazam can be used to identify music on their iPhone and want a solution for all those badly labelled tracks on their computer but this is not what Shazam is intended for. Shazam is now available for your Mac and Windows 8, but Shazam requires you to physically play a part of each song in order to identify it, so is not a very good solution if you have more than a handful of songs to identify.

A Free alternative

Shazam actually uses acoustic fingerprinting to identify songs but forces you to play them via a microphone, SongKong also uses audio fingerprinting but this is done automatically without you having to play the song, fingerprinting a song only takes a few seconds.

SongKong can be used to identify as many songs as you like for free, simply look in the Song Changes section of the report to see what the song was matched to.

To keep things simple the screenshot shows the result of just matching a single previously unknown song but SongKong can be used safely on thousands of songs.

SongKong only requires purchase if you want it to add the matching song information to the file itself.

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