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Saturday 5 April 2014

SongKong 1.22 with new matching improvements

Today we release a new version of SongKong as well as a number of bug fixes it includes some important improvements.

Match song to recording only

In previous versions of SongKong we try to matching groupings (usually folders) of songs to a MusicBrainz release (usually an album) and optionally a Discogs release. But if we are unable to match all songs in the grouping to a release then as a customer you only have the option of not matching the songs at all or matching song by song and possibly matching to the incorrect release.

But in MusicBrainz songs are known as recordings and the same recording can be found on multiple releases whereby each release/recording combination is known as a track. If a songs Acoustid matches to just one MusicBrainz recording then we have can have almost absolute certainty that we have matched the correct song.

So in this new release if the match grouping to folder stages fails to match but we have acoustids for the songs that can be matched to individual MusicBrainz recordings then we can update the song artist and title without making only any assumptions about the release they belong to. This matching occurs regardless of any other options enabled or disabled.

This is incredibly useful for songs that have no metadata at all, or songs with incorrect titles, even though the albums are not known the songs are now correctly identified. Because the matching is done at the match to MusicBrainz stage the new information can be used to help match the songs to a Discogs release instead, so we are now making uses of Acoustids with Discogs even though Discogs doesn't  directly support Acoustid !

These matches have their own section in the Fix Songs report. Because the matches are only partial they are included in the MusicBrainz match count but the songs are not moved to the matched folder if a Matched folder is enabled, and are not renamed if Rename filename from Metadata is enabled.

Only allow match if all songs in album were matched

If the Only allow match if all songs in one folder match to one album is enabled then all songs in the grouping have to be matched to one folder. But to account for you having incomplete albums the album they are matched to can contain more songs than are matched.

But if you have complete albums you can get more accurate matching by enabling the new  Only allow match if all songs in album were matched option as well then all the songs in the folder must match to same album and all songs on the album must be matched, so if there are 10 songs in folder it can only match a 10 song album

If Only allow match if all songs in one folder match to one album is enabled and Only allow match if all songs in album were matched is not enabled then any album matched must be completely matched but this doesn't have to be on a folder by folder basis, so for example if you have a folder containing 10 songs that failed to match any album but metadata in the allowed grouping of the songs into two groupings of 5 each, and one of those grouping could be matched to a 5 track release that would be okay.

Undo Changes can now select the original location of files to revert

By default Undo Changes work on the current location of files and folders that you want to revert the changes for, but now you can specify SongKong looks for songs that were originally in a location that they have since been moved from.  This can be very useful if you are looking to revert changes to files that were originally in one folder but have now been moved to multiple folders.

Other fixes and Improvements

The full list can of changes can be found at here


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