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Wednesday 23 April 2014

SongKong 1.24 appears - Discogs Authorisation disappears

Discogs Authorisation Disappears

This new release of Songkong removes the short lived requirement to create a Discogs account and authorise SongKong to use that account. However, unfortunately Discogs have recently implemented some rather misleading and draconian rules regarding access to their image archive that doesn't allow us to make full use of it - so this release is just an interim step.

But I have been searching for a better solution and think I have found it, this should be ready within the next month and will provide some serious improvements in cover art

Improved Multi-Disc Matching

As SongKong loads folders of songs for matching it looks out for multi-disc releases that have been stored as one folder per disc, it does some further checks and if the folders pass the checks then SongKong attempts to match the multi-folder set as one release and only resorting to checking each folder individually if a match could not be found.

But before this version the subfolders had to have a particular naming convention, the subfolders either had to start with the word Disc or just be a number such as Disc 01 , disc 2 or 03. Now with SongKong 1.24 other naming conventions such as CD01, Vol 1 or Volume 3 are supported, but this  is still English centric so let me know if you use another naming convention that needs adding.

Its worth noting that if you just Only allow match if all songs in folder were matched enabled then there is still a good chance that a multi disc release is properly matched even if the release was not recognised as a multi-disc release at the matching stage. Each folder can get correctly matched to a disc of the release.

However if you have Only allow match if all songs in album were matched then matching at the subfolder stage only would not work because each subfolder only matches one disc of the release rather than the whole release.

Error Reporting

If SongKong is configured to update iTunes it will now complain and halt processing if it is unable to create a model of the iTunes library. It will also halt processing if it hits memory limits, although in normal circumstances this should never happen. Previously these errors were not correctly reported.

General Matching

A number of improvements have been made to improve the accuracy of release and recording only matches

Full change log is available here

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