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Friday 6 March 2015

Matching improvements with SongKong 3.14

A new release of SongKong 3.14 with a handful of bug fixes and improvements.

Unable to load large folder containing songs directly within it

If customers have all their files in one folder and that folder is on the network then SongKong can timeout before loading all files.

A few months ago the  Database Unreturned Connection Timeout option was set to 30 minutes to protect against against hibernate connection being deadlocked and therefore unable to return, it was part of a two prong defence against processes getting stuck. The other was adding a limit of 30 minutes for processing of any grouping- the original implementation of this was a little buggy but is now working correctly so we are safe to remove the  Database Unreturned Connection Timeout and this fixes the issue.

Release Date comparison is incorrect

When deciding between similar MusicBrainz releases we take the release date into account, and score earlier release dates higher. At one point the server only stored a single release date (and country) for a release but can now store multiple release date/country combinations (known as Release Events) but the client code was not updated to use release events, now fixed.

If fingerprint is AQAAAA dont check it

If Acoustid generates the above fingerprint for a song it means it could not actually generate a valid fingerprint so we should not try and lookup and Acoustid Id for it.

Discogs matching threshold checks should be higher

We have to be stricter when matching Discogs releases than MusicBrainz because we can not use AcoustId as a crosscheck, so the matching threshold has been increased.

If matching takes more than 24 hours time taken in summary just shows remainder
Both report and logs dont show correct timezone

Both these issues are to do with the displays of dates, I took the opportunity to familiarize myself with the new Java 8 Date/Time api to fix this.

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