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Monday 16 February 2015

Better song matching with SongKong 3.13

A new release of SongKong is now available that  fixes these two issues.

Firstly it fixes a regression introduced in 3.11

When reusing existing Discogs Releases as candidates SongKong was not checking trackcount properly. The check to see if the there are more tracks than the number of songs to match which is not allowed if you have Only allow match if all tracks on album were matched is incorrect. We tried to fix this in SongKong 3.12 but made a mistake but it is now fixed.

If MetadataMatcher fails if it needlessly does Match Recording Only again

If song matching by metadata  fails to find a match it needlessy does Match Recording Only, and there is no point because this would have already been done during the Match by Folder stage, worse than that metadata matching can be called a number of times for the same group of songs. So wasted processing that can cause timeouts if extending the length of matching for a grouping over the timelimit and use additional amounts of memory.


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