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Thursday 5 February 2015

Improved Song Matching with SongKong 3.11

Hot on the heels of SongKong 3.10 we have a new release of our automated music tagger. A customer was trying to work out why their songs would not be matched to an album with SongKong and I decided that the resultant improvements that came from investigating the problem  were really worth getting out there. But I'll try really hard to wait at least a week before the next release !

Improve Recognition of Multi-Folder Albums

If you have Only Allow match if All Songs Matched and Only Allow Match if all tracks on album matched the problem is that although SongKong considers the two sub folders as being part of one release it does an additional check based on name to confirm this, and that check is  case-sensitive so SongKong found cd but doesn't match CD so it decides that each sub-folder represents a separate album then it tries to match each folder in turn and of course cannot find an album that can be completely matched by just one of the folders. 

Always consider existing MusicBrainz Release Id when rematching

When rematching SongKong ignored existing MusicBrainz Ids and matched purely based on the AcoustIds and user metadata. However we should always consider an existing MusicBrainz Release Id when rematching. This protects against SongKong not finding good matches when it should do and also provides better parity with Jaikoz. The existing MusicbrainzReleaseId will only be used if it is the best scoring match of the release candidates.

Always consider existing Discogs Release url when rematching

 And the same logic applies for Discogs matches as well.

Always do AcoustId match when metadata match was for a Various Artist release

Assume you have a 2 CD Various Artist release with both discs in subfolders and you have Only Match if all Songs in Grouping Match enabled but Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched is disabled.

Now if initially SongKong fails to group the two folders as one grouping it will do a metadata search and because that includes a search on artist:Various Artist plus a fuzzy search on title plus track count. the Track count will be wrong for our release because track count is based on one cd only. Because the search is for a Various Artist and fuzzy release the search probably will find a number of releases matching this an the invalid track count. If we find lots of potential matches then an AcoustId match would not be done (for performance reasons) so we end up not finding and scoring against the correct release and hence no match.

Now if  Only allow match if all tracks in album were matched is disabled.and we did a Various Artist search we always ensure we do an AcoustId match regardless of how many metadata matches we got.

The full list of improvements can be found here

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