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Tuesday 3 February 2015

SongKong 3.10 Bug Fix release

This release fixes a number of bugs, fixes one regression and adds one improvement:

OSX:SongKong has encountered an error trying to build model of iTunes library

If SongKong is configured to update iTunes then SongKong has to create a model of the iTunes library on start up so that it knows what songs are already under iTunes control. On OSX SongKong has to use Applescript to communicate with iTunes, and the iTunes library is large it can take a while to rebuild it, but the default timeout used by Applescript is not always large enough for large iTunes library. The timeout has been increased in this release.

OSX:Not always showing all options on first tab on small screen

On my own Mac with 17" monitor with native resolution at 1920 x1200 resolution I had never seen this error  but reducing the display to 1280 x 800 and the first tab of the Fix Songs dialog no longer has room to show all the options. This kind of resolution could be used by smaller laptops such as a 13" screen version, and unfortunately SongKong gives no visual indication that there are any other options. The problem persisted on Windows as well, but a Windows is able to fit in more on a smaller resolution than OSX.

The problem is now fixed, a vertical scrollbar is displayed as neccessary.

Treat track names like 'Track 1' as blank

SongKong uses existing metadata to match songs and to validate acoustid matches, but sometimes existing metadata should not be used. The most common culprit is track names of the form Track 1, Track 2, Track 3 ectera , whilst these can be valid track names they normally are not so now if existing metadata contains such names we just treat as if the song currently has no title.

Regression:Discogs matching Thread prematurely ending

This regression was introduced in SongKong  3.9 by the change to match multi-folders groupings to Discogs after a failed MusicBrainz match before attempting matching sub folders. Unfortunately this change could cause Discogs matching to stop prematurely, it is now fixed in this new release. 

Full list of fixes and improvements can be found here

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