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Thursday 29 January 2015

How to install the Minecraft OreSpawn mod on Windows

Installing mods with Forge

Now I know this has nothing to do with SongKong or Jaikoz but I'm hoping this saves someone a bit of time and avoid them pulling their hair out.

Minecraft and OreSpawn

My kids love Minecraft and they have been bugging me recently to install a mod (not something I had done before), in particular the AuraSpawn mod , well I promised I would but the instructions made it seem rather more complex than it actually was.

Turns out they actually meant OreSpawn , this is actually quite a fun mod with loads of new animals and monsters including various dinosaurs and Godzilla. And to install this mod and various other mods you also need to install a mod loader called Forge. Neither OreSpawn or Forge currently work with the latest version of Minecraft but when you run as Forge it automatically runs the correct version of Minecraft for you.

Installing Forge on Windows 8

  • Use a browser that doesn't mess with .exe files such as Firefox (Internet Explorer renames them)
  • Select this link to select the latest version of Forge (currently works with Minecraft 1.7.10), you have to wait a five seconds for Adfly to finish, then click Skip Ad in the top right hand corner to download the installer
  • Double-click on the installer to start it, ensure Install Client is enabled and click OK
  • Now start Minecraft Launcher,  and the Profile dropdown should now list Forge, select this profile
  • Select Play starts Minecraft as the correct version and you'll notice a new option called Mods
  • Exit Minecraft 

Installing OreSpawn on Windows 8

  • Now download OreSpawn itself, you can go to the OreSpawn website or just download the 1.7 version from here, once again you'll have to wait 5 seconds before skipping the Ad.
  • Open the Downloads folder in Windows Explorer
  • Open another instance of Windows Explorer and enter %appdata% into the address bar double click on the .minecraft and then the mods folder within it.
  • Drag and drop the orespawn zip file from the first  instance of  Windows Explorer into the mods folder of the second
  • Restart Minecraft Launcher, click on Play and then click on the Mods option to check it now contains the OreSpawn mod,
  • Now create a new world and you'll have a host of new spawn eggs, try spawning a Criminal to see a little political joke.
Its worth noting that once you have Forge installed you can easily install other Forge compatible mods as well.

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