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Wednesday 28 January 2015

Improved Discogs Artwork Coverage with SongKong 3.9

Better Discogs Artwork Coverage

 Discogs has a concept of primary artwork and secondary artwork, primary artwork contains the front cover art and secondary artwork was used for other images such as the back cover or sleeve inserts. It used to be that an editor could specify whether an image was primary or secondary. But now when editing the first image is always considered the primary image and all other images are secondary images, this order can be modified by dragging and dropping the images in Discogs to make a different image the primary image.

However the Discogs data dumps contain many releases that only contain secondary images and no primary images. The precise reason for this is still unclear but whereas SongKong previously ignored secondary images meaning no Discogs images was found for these releases SongKong 3.9 now makes use of the secondary image if a release contains no primary image but does contain secondary images.

For you this means even better image coverage

Improved Matching

We deal with some more difficult matching problems in this release the key ones being:

For multi disc releases grouped one folder per disc SongKong could incorrectly match just one of the folders to a MusicBrainz release and not the others if MusicBrainz only contained a single disc version, even if  the complete release was available in Discogs. Now when matching multi-folder groupings if it fails to match the folders to MusicBrainz SongKong attempts Discogs match before breaking into subfolders and matching each folder to MusicBrainz only if no Discogs match is found.

If you have iTunes configured to make a copy of all songs added to it (the default) then any songs with no metadata are added to the Unknown Artist/Unknown Album folder. SongKong now realizes that this folder does not represent an actual album and therefore should be treated as one.

A silly assumption crept in somewhere that if all songs are by different artists then it must be a Various Artists compilation but this is often not true such as in this album - and this prevented SongKong matching albums when it should have. 


Various Fixes

 We also have a host of bug fixes across  various parts of SongKong, full details at the Issue Tracker

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