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Tuesday 20 January 2015

Jaikoz 8.1.1 with Artist Sort Names fixes and new Windows Installer

Today we release Jaikoz 8.1.1 , this fixes an important regression that caused Jaikoz to no longer add the correct  Artist Sort and Album Artist Sort values for your songs, instead it was just using the Artist and Album Artist values.

We also fixed another issue with sort names, a release such as Ravenous is credited to both Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman , yet previously Jaikoz would only use the sort name of Damon Albarn as the value of Artist Sort, now it considers both names giving a sort name of Albarn, Damon & Nyman, Michael instead of just Albarn, Damon.

Jaikoz tries to weed out duplicate songs when matching a folder of songs to an album, but it was incorrectly identifying songs with the same name but actually different track lengths as the same song - when they are actually different songs, such as the two versions of L.O.V.E on this release.

For Windows users Jaikoz now comes as a self-extracting zip, just like we did in the latest version of SongKong . This means just double-clicking on the installer will do a complete install. But because Internet Explorer has an annoying habit of renaming .exe files we keep the standard zip version of the installer as well, much easier to move to a better browser such as Firefox though.

Full list of fixes at the Issue Tracker

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