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Thursday 9 July 2015

Better song identification with Jaikoz 8.2.5

In this release we have spent some time working out why some songs by Jaikoz do not get matched even though they exist in the Albunack database and we found a few bugs and improvements we could make.

  • [JAIKOZ-1003] -         Single song matching only matching by acoustids
  • [JAIKOZ-1004] -         Single song matching by Acoustid should only use recording with most sources
  • [JAIKOZ-1005] -         If artist name contains feat and get no matches strip out and try again
  • [JAIKOZ-1010] -         Unable to create fingerprints on Windows if filepath greater than 260 characters

So now you should get an even better matching rate with Jaikoz, already we believe have the most sophisticated and accurate matching algorithm out there, if you know any different let us know.


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